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For 64-bit macOS 10.9 thru 10.12 or Later

Version: 2.9.2
Price: $17.99

SmartWrap for Mac OS X


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About SmartWrap

SmartWrap analyzes your text, detects paragraphs and lists within your text, and rewraps your text so it wraps naturally within your document or message. SmartWrap comes in many varieties so it is always available where you need it most. The following SmartWrap programs and plug-ins are available:

SmartWrap 2 includes a preferences panel that allows you to specify formatting options for text after it has been wrapped. For example, if you'd like your wrapped text to be hard-wrapped to 40 characters per line and indented 10 spaces, no problem. Simply specify these options in the SmartWrap Preferences. Lots of other options are available too.

Professional programmers can specify the insertion of special HTML formatting so text that has been through SmartWrap can be pasted directly into their web pages. Or perhaps you are a basic programmer and you need to insert "REM" statements before each line of a comment or remark. Just specify "REM" to be inserted before each line, and you're done.

These features and lots of others are discussed throughout this manual. Please click on the page numbers in the index to advance to any of the topics in which you are interested.

How to Upgrade from Previous Versions

To unsinatll older versions of SmartWrap simply find them and throw them in the trash. Some SmartWrap modules, like the item in the Services menu, will not be uninstalled until you log-out and log back in.

To upgrade plug-ins, you can just install the newer ones. SmartWrap will uninstall the older ones. You may have to log-out and log back in for the upgrade to take effect.

If an old TextService still appears in the Services menu, a log-out and log-in will be required.

Registering SmartWrap 2.x

After you purchase SmartWrap you'll receive an e-mail. Follow the instructions within this e-mail to register SmartWrap on your computer.

SmartWrap can also be ordered directly from the SmartWrap application by selecting "Register or Purchase" from the SmartWrap menu.

SmartWrap Installation

Open the downloaded disk image and drag the SmartWrap folder icon to the Applications folder icon. Double-click the Applications folder and run SmartWrap.

To install the various SmartWrap Modules:

  • Launch SmartWrap

  • Select the module to install from the "Install" menu

  • You're done

  • Installations of plug-ins may be performed form the "Install" menu.


While performing a SmartWrap operation from any of the SmartWrap modules, users can hold down different combinations of keys on the keyboard. SmartWrap, when executed, reads the keyboard to see which keys are down, and performs the SmartWrap according to the preferences set for those keys.

The modifier keys on the keyboard that are of significance to SmartWrap are:

  • The Shift Key

  • The Command Key (apple)

  • The Option Key

There are eight combinations of modifier keys. They are all available from the popup menu in the SmartWrap Preferences window. Each combination of modifier keys has its own preference. "None" represents the default behavior if no modifier keys are depressed.

SmartWrap Text Service

The SmartWrap application provides SmartWrap text services to the system. SmartWrap will do this auomatically if exists in your "Applications" folder.

The text services must be configured under the Services menu in each application.

The SmartWrap Text Service provides SmartWrap capability to any program that supports Apple's Text Services API. So if there is a program available for Mac OS X with which you would like to use SmartWrap, be sure to tell its developers that you want them to support Text Services!

SmartWrap Automator Action

The SmartWrap Automator Action is built into the SmartWrap application. If the application is not in your Applications folder, the system will not find it, and thus will not be available to Automator.

  • Quit and re-run Automator after installing SmartWrap.

  • Click "SmartWrap" from the "Application" column and "SmartWrap" from the action column.

  • Drag the action after text output and input.

  • You're done!

SmartWrap Plug-in

Users should use SmartWrap's services features to smartwrap text in Due to sandboxed security, is no longer friendly to plug-ins.

The plug-in is installed in /Library/Mail/Bundles/. This is the top level library of your disk, not your HOME/Library folder.

SmartWrap Scripting Addition

See the SmartWrap dictionary with Script Editor to see the commands the SmartWrap scripting addition responds to.

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