For Windows XPSP3 or Later

Version: 1.7
Price: $11.99

SmartWrap for Mac OS X

Your solution to messy formatting

SmartWrap analyzes and re-formats messy text into readable, professional looking documents. Simple, time-saving and effective - anyone who works with words should have this!

SmartWrap™ analyzes your text, detects paragraphs and lists within your text, and rewraps your text so it wraps naturally within your document or message. SmartWrap™ comes in many varieties so it's always available where you need it most. The following SmartWrap™ programs and plug-ins are available:

  • SmartWrap™ Plug-in For Eudora™ and Eudora™ Light

  • SmartWrap™ the Clipboard

All SmartWrap programs do this:

  • Analyzes and re-wraps your text.

  • Removes all quote marks (">") from the beginnings of lines.

  • Works curiously well on text copied and from Web sites and PDFs!

  • Removes unwanted line breaks from within paragraphs.

  • Allows you to paste text from e-mails perfectly into your word processor!

  • SmartWrap™ numbered and lettered lists.

  • And most importantly, Save You Time!

  • Works great with sparse messages! (Messages that have lots of white space.)

  • Hold down the Shift-Key to maintain quote level and hard wrap text to 72 columns!

SmartWrap™ Plug-in For Eudora does all of the above and...

  • Works in Eudora and Eudora Light!!

  • SmartWrap™ a selection only.

  • Works on In-Coming AND Out-Going e-mails!

  • Add it to your Eudora™ Toolbar! SmartWrap™ with one click!

  • SmartWrap™ the Clipboard all of the above and...

  • SmartWrap™ any text you can copy to the clipboard, and then paste it anywhere you want!

  • Maintain multiple SmartWraps just by creating new windows.

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